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Gateway to Logic

This server hosts the Gateway to Logic, a collection of interactive logic software. It is aimed at being used at courses and lectures as a means of demonstration and visualization. Part of the software offers a graphical user interface (and requires Java), part of it doesn't (and works with virtually any browser).


This server also hosts, be it in German, the introductory logic text written for Dr. Klaus Dethloffs's great lecture "Einführung in die Logik" (Introduction to Logic) and also usable for Dr. Esther Ramharter's current lecture. Finally, there are some exercises and their solutions. Although the comments are in German, too, the logical formulae will (or will not) be understood by speakers of any language.


This server is maintained by the author of the Gateway to Logic, Christian Gottschall. Don't hesitate to contact him (using this GPG/PGP key) if there is any question, problem or proposal.


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